Principal Message

Greetings from SHEMFORD Pinjore.
Welcome to session 2018-19 with Shemstars, all set to Sparkle.
The school has achieved a landmark with successful completion of a progressive voyage since its inception in April 2003. The school has grown from an infant to a child and now it is ‘fifteen’, matured and stable, having made a name for itself not only in the state and country but at the international level as well.

My heart is filled with pride to share with one and all that the school has been ranked no. 2 Boarding School in Haryana by Education World Survey 2017.

With an extremely successful and eventful voyage so far, the school is now ready to step into the sparkling world of SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of School, from the session 2018-19 onwards with name being changed, from Delhi Public School, Pinjore to SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Pinjore.

As an educator, I strongly feel that it is neither the strongest nor the wisest who survive and make progress but the ones who are most responsive to the change. Therefore, we at SHEMFORD Futuristic School believe that in this rapidly changing world we need to prepare our students to be adaptive and broadminded to accept, to visualize and to access different pathways, with blended learning for boundaryless enriching and meaningful education. The journey has just begun and we are on to the path of higher achievements so that our students keep adding accolades to the school.

I also believe that for education to be meaningful and empowering, we must allow a healthy co-relation between scholastic and co-scholastic activities. Along with this, we need to emphasize on the enhancement of skills in all children for their holistic development.

During these eventful years we have always strived to identify the hidden potential of children and chisel their skills with refined strokes, care and sense of belonging so that they face the unknown future with “Confidence to Excel”. We the parents, teachers and other elders must get together to empower our children for a better tomorrow by helping them hone their skills and let them all be a star always shining bright at SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Pinjore.

We shall grow from strength to strength in the years to come unfaltering and boldly trading in to strive for excellence, standing firmly together and moving ahead with joy and pride.

God Bless!