Annual Report

Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore
Annual Report 2023-2024
Dear Parents,
Greetings from Shemford Pinjore!!
It is a matter of great pride to apprise you of the events, activities & competitions that were held as per the school calendar and the achievements of our dear Shemstars during the ongoing session. All these activities along with academics play a vital role in the holistic development of children which further ensure that students become confident to accept the global challenges in their journey of life.
The session 2023-2024 has nearly come to an end. We sincerely appreciate all the parents of our Shemstars for supporting us throughout the session. On the successful completion of the session 2023-2024, through an array of different learning methodologies along with the personal monitoring, we hope that your ward is now equipped and equally passionate to look forward to join us in the new session. We have designed a well conceived plan to provide a holistic learning experience to our students. We look forward to a continuous support for the future endeavours as well.
The synopsis of our journey through the session 2023-2024 is outlined below.
☆Morning Assemblies: Well-planned and thought out special assemblies were celebrated on important days, events and festivals. Introduction to the concept of the day, thought, poetry recitation, public speaking, literary writing, golden tips, dance, drama, singing etc. were part of the morning assemblies.
☆Experiential Learning: To engage students and to connect better to their subjects, hands on, demonstrative and engaging activities were conducted to make the learning process more interesting and innovative.
☆Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL): Classes were held regularly during the school hours. Students learnt coding and designing, 3D printing, Robotics IOT, Physical Computing, Computational thinking and much more.
☆Practicals: Practicals for all the main subjects were conducted in the school Labs as per the CBSE guidelines to provide a better clarity of the concepts & practical learning to the students.
Class Projects: Both individual and group projects were assigned to the students from time to time. The projects of the students were also exhibited under various heads like life skills, safety & security, personal hygiene, clean & green environment.
☆Art & Craft: Regular art classes helped the students to understand the concepts better. Shemstars showed lot of interest and response for the art and craft activities. Classes for other art forms like dancing, singing etc were also held on regular basis.
☆Quizzing: Quizzes on various subjects (Health and nutrition, Indian Constitution, Interpol, Maths) were conducted from time to time to access the students’ knowledge.
☆Brain stretchers: Beside being engaging, entertaining and fun brain stretchers were shared in the class Groups for the shemsters to stimulate and develop their logical and analytical skills.
☆Newspapers: To enhance the reading skills among the students, newspapers were distributed in the classrooms as well as uploaded in the class groups throughout the session and students were motivated to read the same on regular basis.
☆Assessments/Exams: The cycle tests, pre-mid term assessments, mid-term assessments both objective and subjective were held as per schedule.
☆Best House Trophy: Many inter- house competitions were conducted in the session 2023-2024, and the winners of all these inter-house competitions were given certificates in the special assembly conducted on January 31, 2023. SHEM PRIDE was declared the Winning House and was awarded with the Best House Trophy.
Educational Excursions: The school organized an Educational trip to Shivjot Farms and Resort for Cl.-1 to 5, Kurukshetra for cl. 6 to 8 and to Science City Kapurthala for classes 9 to12. All the students enjoyed immensely and learnt a lot about their Indian history and Culture and also practically experienced the scientific phenomenon which they had earlier learnt in their classrooms. Besides that, educational excursions to botanical gardens, monuments, herbal Gardens etc. were also arranged.
Celebrations & functions
☆Talent Hunt : Talent Hunt for new comers was organized in the month of July to spot the genius in various artistic pursuits, namely: poetry, dance, speeches, gymnastics, sketching, painting and a lot more. It was incredible to see students from all classes, giving captivating performances.
☆ Van Mahotsav Week: A seminar on “Mission Green ” was conducted for the students of Environment Club. Students planted saplings during Van Mahotsav Week. They were also taken to Herbal Garden, Village Malla ( Kapoor Vatika) and Ecohouse where they were shown various medicinal and herbal plants. The medicinal value of plants like neem, aloe vera, imli, peepal, amla and many more were explained to the students. Students were also shown how to grow plants in earthen pots. ☆ ”Nutrition Week”: The school celebrated a week long ”Nutrition Week” wherein students participated in various activities namely- Story Narration, poem recitation, dance and well enacted plays. The Director of the school Dr. (Mrs.) Bimla Arora, said, “A nutritious diet holds the key to one’s health.” Shemstars were also advised and guided by her to bring nutritious-and-healthy one-pot easy-to-eat dishes for their tiffins which are convenient and give an adequate amount of nutrition.
☆Vigilance Awareness Week: During Vigilance Awareness Week 2023, an Essay Writing Competition was organized under the guidelines of CBSE in the school campus. To create awareness among the students, teachers guided the students in the classes and various other activities were also conducted in this regard.
☆Investiture Ceremony: The occasion of World Students Day, the most prestigious investiture ceremony was conducted wherein after a rigorous selection process, the members of the student council were decorated with sashes and badges. They were also sworn in to bear the responsibility of righteousness discipline, virtue and dignity.
☆Health check up camps: Health Checkup camps were also organized in the school campus for GP consultation, optometry, dental, and Paediatrics to prevent and control many health disorders.
☆Diwali Celebrations: On the occasion of Diwali, various activities such as ‘inter-house Rangoli-making’, candle and ‘diya’ decoration, paper decoration, making paper lanterns, best out of waste creations, flower arrangement, and card-making contests were organised in all the classes. Shemstars pledged to celebrate a pollution-free, eco-friendly and safe Diwali together with the family.

☆ Teachers Day Celebrations: During Teachers Day Celebration, students surprised the teachers with their energetic and enthusiastic performances of dances, songs, skits etc. The theme for the same was Retro and shemstars were awestruck to see their teachers in their new or rather Retro look. Medical camp was organized for the teachers, wherein doctors from Paras Hospital shared important information on the prevention, symptoms and cure for Dengue. Free check up camp for ECG, blood sugar, blood pressure and oxygen saturation etc. was also conducted for the entire staff.

☆Healthy Habits for Happiness Unlimited: An exhibition showcasing the various aspects of physical health and safety was organized. Shemstars prepared working and still models, posters, charts etc. to exhibit the same. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Taking it further from the physical to the mental fitness and agility, Shemstars exhibited their innovation & creativity showcasing the models prepared by them in the Atal Tinkering Lab. The exhibition was a huge success. The star attractions of the exhibition were moving Train Engine on railway tracks, the Gas Sensor alarm in case of an emergency, GSM Messenger ringing to convey the important information, Line Follower Robot to cater to the needs of Smart City, Object Detector useful in the traffic, on roads, Water Testing Kit with low budget, Washing Machine using an exerciser bike. Students also made models of Cars, Helicopters, Dinosaurs, Formula-I Racing Cars etc. with the help of Lego. Shemstars upgraded themselves with the tech-models envisaging the futuristic approach. Students demonstrated and explained their models in an impressive manner. Students also exhibited life skills for pollution free environment & safety measures. The hard work & the creative talent of the Shemstars were highly appreciated.
“CHRISTMAS CHEER”- Christmas was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. The students decorated their classrooms with Christmas bells, cards, candles, and Christmas stars and presented melodious Christmas carols, speeches, poems, and a drama related to the life of Lord Jesus as part of a special programme on Christmas. After their wonderful performances, they were given the Star Achievers Award for their academic achievements and certificates for the best exhibition in cultural programs. Programmes were organised in the school on an “Open to All” theme. Wherein, children participated in activities such as colouring and decorating the Christmas tree, making crafts, Christmas greeting cards, posters, etc. Along with this, they enjoyed a lot of games, like Find the Snowman, Match the Card, Draw the Ball from the Battery, Find the Stone, Lucky Tree, etc. The courtyard of Shemford Pinjore appeared painted in the colours of Christmas. At the end of the program, certificates and gifts were awarded to the winners.
☆Rashtra Ke Rang:
Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore, celebrated the 74th Republic Day – Rashtra Ke Rang on January 26, 2023, with enthusiasm and patriotic fervour. Celebrations began with the flag hoisting by Dr. D. R. Arora, Chairman of the School, followed by the National Anthem. Under the programme “Rashtra Ke Rang”, children tied the knot of patriotism and unity in the school through speeches, poetry, patriotic songs, and dance presentations. On the spot poster making (Rashtra Roop Chitra), Dressing up like role models (Rashtra Ratna) and Dance Ka Dum (Patriotic and folk dances-Rashtra Rhythm) were different competitions organized for the students under the themes “Mera Bharat – Meri Shaan, Mera Abhimaan”
☆Pariksha Pe Charcha: Students at Shemford Pinjore attended the session organized by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi on “ParikshaPeCharcha”. An Interactive & Motivational Session was also conducted by the School Director Dr. (Mrs.) Bimla Arora according to the age group of the students for Primary and Secondary classes wherein students were guided & motivated for the upcoming final exams. Shemstars also came up with lot of innovative ideas & also got their queries & doubts clarified. Some success, Mantras & Golden Tips like how to reduce stress, overcome social media distractions, deal with criticism, were shared with Shemstars. School Head Mrs. Teenu Jolly taught students the value of hard work and smart work and much more through interesting stories. Shemstars participated enthusiastically and felt Motivated & Confident for their final exams.
☆Career Counselling: Career counselling sessions were organised time to time for the students wherein Dignitaries from outside sources were invited to make the students aware about latest career options.
☆ Farewell: On February 11, 2023, Shemford Futuristic School organised farewell party to the students of class Xll. The programme began with prayer and the lighting of lamps to invoke God to shower blessings on all. Keeping with the tradition of the school, the outgoing batch lit lamps, disseminating the light of knowledge. The Director, Dr. Mrs. Bimla Arora, wished them all the best for their new phase of life, and the School Head, Mrs. Teenu Jolly, gave valuable tips to the students on ‘How to Excel in Exams’. She blessed and extended her good wishes for a bright, successful future. Thus ended the beautiful evening marked with mixed feelings.
☆Teachers Training: To enhance/update the knowledge of the teachers, teachers training programmes were held time to time. CBSE workshops & online trainings on various topics such as usage of apps and Technology, Examination system, Classroom-Management etc were also conducted
Hub of Learning: As a lead collaborator for hub of learning (for CBSE schools) the school organised webinars and training programs for the teachers of the neighbouring schools on different topics covering NEP-2020.

☆ Parents fecilitator Meet : PFM’s were conducted at regular intervals to discuss with the parents their ward’s learning graph and accessing their performance in a structured and consistent manner.
☆ Parents Interaction & Orientation: The session commenced with an orientation and interaction programme for the parents. Parents were acquainted about the ShemEduMax Curriculum, sports facilities, teaching methods, examination system and Shem Synergy and ERP, a well-designed system of communication between Parents and Teachers, Career Counselling, Health and Fitness, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition & Mental Health.
Awards Galore
SHEMFORD Futuristic School , Pinjore Awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation at the 6th Edu Meet & Education Excellence Awards by ASSOCHAM on Jan,2023
SHEMFORD Futuristic School , Pinjore awarded as ‘Best Pre school Chain of the Year’ at the 2nd World Education and EdTech Conclave & Awards on Jan,2023.

SHEMFORD Futuristic School , Pinjore ‘Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Education’ at the 15th Edition of ‘The Education Summit’ on Jan,2023
☆ Yashita lucky Khemani 4A -Won the Gold Medal in SOF English Olympiad 2022.
☆ Shemstars Awarded By Dainik Bhaskar – Pranjal Garg 9A and Aayushman Tiwari 9B and Shimmer Gulati 7B were felicitated at Punjab Kala Bhawan by Dainik Bhaskar Group for securing above 90% marks in the school result in their previous class.
☆ Ishan Deswal 12A- Won Gold Medal and Silver medal in State level Cycling Competition.
☆Rachit Singla 4A- Won Bronze medal in 36th Haryana State Level Roller Hockey Skating Competition held in St.Vivekananda School Gurugram on 28th October, 2022.
☆ Harshit Sharma 6A – Won Bronze medal in Kyorugi in 3rd Defence Taekwondoe Cup 2022.
☆ Angel Kamboj 8A- Won a Trophy in Haryana State Snooker & Billiards Championship 2022 in Down Town Pool Club Panchkula Sector-11.
She also secured Junior Girls Billiards Top 8 position and qualified for the international in Sage National Billiards , Snooker and 6 Red Snooker Championship 2022 has qualified for the international tournament.
☆ Tanisha Dhull 4A- Won Bronze Medal and Performer Award (3rd runner-up )in state Punjab in 18th National Abacus and Mental Arithmetic online competition held through SIP ABACUS ACADEMY.
☆ Shubh Bhanushali 4A-Won Gold Medal (National Rank 252/3453 Gold Topper ) in BOB Wonder kid 12th National Level Inter School
☆ Pratishtha 10A- Won Certificate and cash prize (consolation) in category 3. The Times NIE ARTHOP 2022–23 Color Splash (a painting competition) in the event organised by the Times of India in association with HopUp, India’s largest trampoline park.
☆ Gold Medalist of International Handwriting Olympiad : Prachi and Vivaan Sharma of Class 1, Ananya Chauhan of class 2, Lakshay Kumar and Tanisha Dhull class 4, Pearl of class 6A, Akanshya Pattanaik of Class 7A, Arshiya Sethi of Class 7B, Shriyul Sharma and Yashita Bakshi of class 10 A etc. All Shemstars Won the Gold Medal in International Handwriting Olympiad.
☆ Shemstars Shine in SCORE Exam conducted by Chaitanya Institute in Oct.2022- Shreya Sharma of 6A Secured 19thRank and Avni Sethi of 6A Secured 29 th Rank amongst of 5000 students. Our 15 Shemstars have stood 400 out of 5000 participants.
☆ Narayan M Anikar of class 4A Won Gold Medal in Dhoha Path in Vivekananda Smriti Samaroh (SRIJNODAY 2023).
☆ Aum Rajesh Lakhani of 6A Won Gold Medal in Yoga in Vivekananda Smriti Samaroh (SRIJNODAY 2023).
Congratulations!! Shemstars you make us feel proud. Keep it up!! We wish all our Shemstars to be achievers in their lives and continue to make their parents & the school proud.