Message from the Management

Dear Parents,
Thank you for considering SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, one of the country’s finest schools, for your child!.

The vision of SHEMFORD extends beyond the narrow walls of classrooms & textbooks. It is a world where each SHEMFORD Star undergoes meaningful & joyful learning while being the center of our education system. Be it our stimulating environment, attractive interiors, innovative curriculum, engaging activities, fun-filled events, celebrations, etc. – everything has been developed as per the interests, learning styles & capabilities of our SHEMFORD Stars. Therefore, it is no wonder that each child at SHEMFORD enjoys & gains from the learning process in our nurturing & encouraging environment and looks forward to school days more than holidays!

We provide a caring, supportive and positive learning environment for children where they gain a range of experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We also encourage our children to identify their strengths & explore their talents, so that they can make the most of their skills and reach the highest standards. In our schools, education is imparted to foster all-round excellence & also instill in our children sound values, so that they emerge as young, confident & capable human beings. We are confident that our wonderful system, combined with our dedicated and loving teachers will nurture your child and ensure that she is able to reach her true potential in her school years and the years beyond that. We hope that you are as excited as we are, about your child’s entry into the safe, secure and welcoming environment of SHEMFORD, where we convert each moment into a wonderful learning experience. Over the past 28 years, we have already created over 3,50,000 success stories and hope to add your child’s future to these success stories, as well. We look forward to uniting your family with ours and embarking together on a journey which is Exciting, Enriching & Rewarding!! Best wishes for a Successful & a Happy School year!

SHEMFORD Group of SchoolsIt is a matter of pride to pen down the message for the school magazine of Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore. The seeds of an idea to set up a world-class institution in 1995 have borne fruit today with this amazing campus in the beautiful Pinjore valley. Today it is one of the finest campuses in the Tri-City region and has built a solid reputation of the quality of the teaching-learning methods in the school. A testimony to the wonderful work done here is the awards that the school has bagged including the title of “2nd Best Co-ed Boarding School in Haryana” from Education World Magazine. Shemford is also acknowledged by the prestigious Limca Book of Records 2013 with the title of “Most Schools Launched in Shortest Time”. All these achievements are possible due the amazing work done by the Staff and students of Shemrock & Shemford Group of Schools. Today, my heart fills with immense pleasure as I see the school magazine take shape showcasing the amazing talent of the students and staff of this institution. I extend my warm wishes to the Principal, the Staff and Students of Shemford and hope to continue this journey together on the road to excellence!

Dr. D. R. Arora
Chairman of SHEMROCK &
SHEMFORD Group of Schools
M.Sc., Ph.D., Post Doctorate – University of Leeds, UK, Ex Assoc. Prof. PAU
My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made by SHEMFORD School. From inception itself, SHEMFORD has been known as an innovative school, devoted to experimentation and positive change with a clear vision and systematic approach of a dynamic educated community. Today, this devotion remains steadfast as renewal and growth continue to maintain its standards of excellence. At SHEMFORD, we understand that each child is inquisitive, has tremendous learning capacity, and has the unique potential to excel if raised in a rich, caring, stimulating, and suitable environment. World-class infrastructure and a sound academic programme with the futuristic approach at Shemford Pinjore provide our students ample opportunities to explore, discover and experiment with hands on material helping them enhance their learning skills- nurture their natural talents and broaden their horizons. Thus, empowering our SHEMSTARS to be creative, competent, value-driven, confident to excel in life as global leaders in their own areas.

Dr. (Mrs.) Bimla Arora
Founder Director of 
SHEMROCK Preschools
B.Sc. Gold Medalist, M.Sc.,
Ph.D. (University of Leeds UK),
Ex Assoc. Prof. PAU
Technology is all around us and our children are going to be influenced by it one way or another. Today, the younger generation is much more comfortable reading and learning digital text than printed text. Thus, at SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Pinjore- we accept digital media as a friend and not a foe. We have supplemented technologies such as Interactive Board, 3D Theatre, etc. in the school to achieve the following major aims : –
Help Children learn concepts better through the use of Audio Visual resources- both- in the school and at home.
Facilitate better School-Home Communication.
Make children more comfortable with the usage of technology as they will be entering a Tech-Enabled workplace. In such a scenario, it is essential for students to be aware of leading technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security etc etc. Since these skills are much better grasped through practical experiences. It becomes important to introduce digital technology to the students from an early age.

We have already launched the Google classroom project in which children can learn concepts at their own pace. We hope to receive parents’ support in the implementation of the same. Through proper guidance and conversations, parents can make sure that digital media is used as a means of interaction and not isolation. The wealth of knowledge on the internet enhances learning and builds up confidence in children.
The key for parents and educators is to encourage healthy internet and digital media practices. Parents must regulate screen time for children and place some degree of parental controls on the content that children have access to. Furthermore, children should be made completely aware of the repercussions of excessive digital media usage. Parents must also create a safe space wherein children can freely talk about their experience with digital media. The family bonding is much more exciting and enriching by watching movies together, playing online games and using many other digital technologies available. It makes parenting much more fun.

Mr. Amol Arora
Vice Chairman & Managing Director
Group of Schools
B.E. (Delhi College of Engineering),
MBA (University of California, Irvine, USA),
P.G. Scholar in Education Leadership &
Management at University of Nottingham, UK

It gives me immense pride in penning down my message for the School Magazine of SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Pinjore. I am sure the magazine will give you an insight into our students’ curiosities, thoughts and creativity through varied expressions.

Children are curious beings who like to explore their surroundings. They want to find out the what, the why and the how of things that interest them. At SHEMFORD, we have a unique curriculum called ShemEduMax which aims to utilise these curiosities and interests of children for their overall development. Its 16 pillars bring out the full potential in students and lay the foundation of their success by making them self-confident, emotionally balanced and developing a love for learning in them.
To make them life-long learners, we deliver knowledge through our Technology-Aided teaching methods in a conducive learning environment where children can unlock their curiosities and have a better understanding of concepts. Teachers at SHEMFORD, welcome their doubts and creativity and encourage them to develop their own ideas and thinking. They help them to overcome their hesitation and fear of being wrong or not being taken seriously as per our Thinking Skills Development and Personality Enhancement modules. Also, we prepare them for the 21st-century world without compromising our values through our English Conversation Development and SHEMFORD Sanskar programmes. Moreover, to make learning fun so that children enjoy what they learn, we have a Theme-Based Learning programme along with our Wow Wednesdays and Super Saturdays! We strongly believe that a child’s development is incomplete without the involvement of parents and for that, we have ShemFAST and Synergy programmes to make them a part of their child’s learning process. Lastly, to keep our students physically fit we have a distinct Health and Wellness Morning programme.

Life-Long Learning is only possible when children don’t learn for the sake of grades instead they have a love for learning. And to develop that love, we have tried a fusion of different programmes to make the learning process interesting and engrossing.

Mrs. Meenal Arora
Founder Director of
Futuristic Schools &
the Executive Director of
SHEMROCK Preschools
MBA, P.G. Scholar in
Education Leadership &
Management at University
of Nottingham, UK

Shemford Futuristic School- A Tech Smart School (Affiliated to CBSE) aims to provide quality education in a pollution free lush green Pinjore valley & is making waves in the field of education by fostering change in innovation.
The vision of Shemford extends beyond the narrow walls of classrooms and textbooks as it aims to give the students a truly global perspective by providing International level schooling facilities with A.C hostel separate for boys and girls.
School places great emphasis on intergrated academics and extracurricular activities with a focus on holistic development. The curriculum is designed to include personality enhancement activities besides regular classes to equip students with knowledge, values & skills necessary for them to excel in life and to shape a sustainable and prosperous world as per United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Thus, helping them to broaden their horizon and in the process provide them healthy, refined, holistic and substantial education.
Our Shemstars are always motivated to be good at heart, rich in moral values, meticulous in thought, systematic in planning and smart in action.
Under the guidance of Director, Dr. (Mrs.) B. Arora, Shemford has become synonymous with quality education and outstanding infrastructure. She plays vital role in providing value-based, activity oriented experiential learning in the institution. School Chairman Dr. D.R. Arora, firmly believes in the Principle of “To believe, achieve and succeed.” With a determined mindset, he encourages students to pursue their dreams relentlessly.
‘Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents’.
I would like to extend my best wishes to all our students, parents, teachers and alumni.

Mrs. Sagrika Bakshi (M.A., M.Ed.)