ShemEduMAX™ Programme

Where Learning Comes Alive!!’

“Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember,
Involve me and I will understand.”

Condensed in this Chinese proverb, is the basic approach to teaching at SHEMFORD.
This practical approach to learning is reflected in our thoughtfully designed, innovative research-based ShemEduMAX™ curriculum.

ShemEduMAX™ curriculum is taught through engaging methods with personalized assessment in a conducive learning environment. The core subjects are supplemented with the development of ‘Design & IT skills’ and ‘Life-Long Learning skills’. Further, our curriculum assists the child to learn and imbibe essential ‘Habits of Mind’, process skills, positive attitude and human values. This enables the child to maximise his/her potential and evolve as a self-confident, self-assured, emotionally balanced and a contributing citizen.

This child-centered learning approach to education focusses on the needs of the students, rather than those involved in the educational process, such as teachers and administrators.

SHEMEDUMAXTMcurriculum has been designed keeping in view the needs of the children and their individual differences for SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools.