Healthy Competitions

We believe that competitions boost a child’s enthusiasm for achieving goals, enhance perseverance for overcoming challenges, and provide an opportunity to demonstrate willpower and creativity. Through contests & competitions, our children are encouraged to understand that hard work and commitment lead to a greater chance of success. At SHEMFORD, we promote healthy competition & foster a feeling of cooperation, team spirit & group pride in our children by organizing various Intra-school Competitions among our four houses namely, SHEMRED, SHEMBLUE, SHEMGREEN & SHEMGOLD and Inter-school competitions such as the “All India ShemWebinar Inter-School Quiz Competition” for all our SHEMFORD Stars. This nationwide online competition allows children from all the SHEMFORD branches to participate, using our in-house, web-based interactive platform–ShemWebinar and state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, without having to travel to another school location. Further, this informative competition serves not only as a unique platform for the students to exhibit their knowledge & thereby win recognition, but, also allows every participant to gain knowledge on various topics. Continuing our endeavours to make each SHEMFORD Star a winner, we aim to organise more & more of such creative and resourceful competitions & contests in the near future. Driving our Children to Brilliance!