We believe that nurturing our stars requires a sound partnership between the school and the home. Therefore, we have created a unique school-home partnership programme – titled “Synergy”. The word Synergy literally means “coming together of two distinct influences for a common purpose”. As a SHEMFORD Parent, you shall be a part of Synergy and you shall be invited to attend various parent participation programmes, parenting workshops, performances, parent & grandparent volunteering opportunities, etc. Attending programmes like these will not only enhance your parenting skills but will also give you an opportunity to contribute towards building your child’s self-confidence & self-esteem, as she feels loved & cared for. Further, attending Synergy programmes results in bridging the communication gap between the home & the school. As a result, both work in tandem which ensures that our SHEMFORD Stars are better understood and they receive a healthy & a positive environment both at school and at home.