Experiential Learning Labs

Language learning at SHEMFORD Pinjore has been made interesting and more interactive with the help of the Language Lab. It helps the teachers teach English, Hindi, French and Sanskrit with correct sounds and pronunciation, as phonetics is one of the most important aspect of learning any language. An English language learning software – “Wordsworth” helps the students in learning the correct pronunciation, intonation, modulation besides building a strong vocabulary.

The conception of laboratory proved to be fruitful for the better understanding of the mathematical concepts. The students are made to work on activities and projects which highlight the beauty of Mathematics as a subject and focus on the application of Mathematics in day to day life.

The school has developed modern Science laboratories to provide a practical exposure about theoretical concepts & enhance the learning ability and skill. Well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs provide the children with the facilities to work practically. The students of all classes make extensive use of these labs, and these labs are regularly upgraded.

The SHEMFORD Science Park is an innovative and novel concept of teaching Science to students through a ‘Learning through Doing’ method that emphasizes upon learning through experimentation, observation and self-exploration. Science Park at SHEMFORD Pinjore, the first of its kind in Haryana, is a unique concept which promotes experiential learning among students.

History and Geography museum is a unique feature of the institution. Models of various continents make Geography learning easy. Besides this, the museum acquaints students with rich cultural heritage of the country. Latest maps and audio visual aids in the museum help enhance the understanding and clarity of concepts. A good collection of Old Coins belonging to different dynasties and era makes the process of learning History quite interesting.

Learning through self-study and reading are important skills that ensure developing habits of sustained learning which is an indispensable tool for the future of our students. For this purpose, the school library houses a collection of 6000 plus books including texts, subject books, fiction and over 2000 references. The library subscribes to a sufficient number of newspapers and over 17 periodicals. The resource centre library aims to motivate learners and promote learning and reading habits among children.