Hostel Facility

SHEMFORD Pinjore Hostel–A Home Away From Home  
Life in a hostel is an adventure that offers plenty of experiences which range from making ‘friends for life’ to gaining the confidence to live life to the fullest. The boarding facility is the most distinctive feature of SHEMFORD Pinjore.  That’s the reason, we have created a warm, welcoming, comfortable, supportive and home-like atmosphere in our hostels.

At SHEMFORD Pinjore, the hostel is more than just an accommodation; In fact, it is a home away from home where our students stay within world-class facilities and also develop the right confidence to live a successful life. They are also groomed to lead on both academic and extracurricular parameters.

SHEMFORD Pinjore hostel is a fully air-conditioned building based on modern architecture sensibilities and students’ needs.  This ensures a stimulating and enriching experience where students can learn and play within a secure setting.

We have a caring and understanding support staff including housekeepers, matrons, ayahs, laundry and maintenance staff, wardens and of course, the principal and teachers. All of them guide and take care of the hostel students.

Dining together, ‘Family Style’
At SHEMFORD Pinjore, dining is a special time. All the students gather together in the dining hall to enjoy hygienic, nutritious meals. We understand the pulse of children and hence, provide

vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian, Chinese and Continental meals. Boys and girls have separate dining halls, which can be combined at the time of celebrations and gatherings.  The hostel staff supervise the dining room, attending to students’ needs.

World-class Recreational Facilities
We encourage students to take part in recreational activities as well.  We organise ‘Special Evenings’ to provide the students with ample opportunities to showcase their talent in dramatics, dance, music, etc.

Special Focus on Studies
Our teachers, hostel staff members and senior students work together to ensure that each student excels in his/her studies. They guide, advise and encourage them and teachers supervise the completion of homework.

Entrance Coaching
We encourage our students to appear for competitive entrance exams related to professional courses such as engineering, medical and other technical courses. To help them prepare for these exams, expert tutors conduct evening medical and engineering entrance coaching classes in school premises.  We also take all the required measures to ensure that students have the necessary study materials and tips for appearing confidently at the national and state level exams.

Medical and Health Center
A team of resident doctors and related medical professionals manage the health center. They provide regular medical check-up and treatment to resident students. In addition, a team of medical specialists also provide routine medical treatment & checkups during the school hours under the ‘Health plus’ programme. Children are also educated on various health and hygiene-related issues through regular discussions and orientation programmes.

The ‘Buddy’ System
The ‘Buddy’ system is developed for new students in the hostel. New students are allocated a ‘Buddy’ from their own peer group, who assists the new child in settling down into the boarding house.

Exeats and Holidays
We also allow students outings on specified days provided he/she is able to furnish written permission from the parents in advance. We will also need the proof/assurance that there is a responsible adult/authorized guardian in-charge. The boarding house is only closed for the summer holidays.

Interaction/Communication with Parents
We encourage children to write letters to their parents on a regular basis. In addition, parents can also call their children in accordance with the decided calling schedule.

Once a month all students whose birthdays fall in that particular month, gather together for a fun-filled cake cutting ceremony. This is followed by a dance party and students will also get to enjoy a special & delicious menu.

Support system
Keeping in mind the requirements of children in the hostel, we have an efficient support system for children. Some examples are laundry, hair cutting, tailoring, shoe mending, locksmiths, electrician, carpenters, etc.

Comprehensive Security System
We are serious about security in the hostel. Hence, our security experts carefully manage the closely guarded security systems. In addition, a cutting-edge close TV surveillance system is installed to keep an eye on the campus.