Infrastructure Details


Class Rooms 52
Physics Lab 1
Chemistry Lab 1
Biology Lab 1
Maths Lab 1
Computer Science Lab 1
Language Lab 1
Geography Lab 1
Music Room 1
Activity Room 1
Library 1
Staff Rooms 3
Clinic/Wellness Room 1
Robotics Lab 1
Does school has school building, playground exist on a single contiguous plot of lant Yes
Potable water is available Yes
RO/Water filters installed Yes
No. of Drinking water taps 16
School has separate washrooms for boys and girls Yes
Are washroom clean and hygienic yes
are all washroom fitting clean and in working condition? Yes
Is there adequate provision for running water in Toilets? Yes
Is there adequate ventilation in the washrooms? Yes
Has certificate for health, sanitary and drinking water been obtained by school Yes