Constitution Day Observed at Shemford Pinjore

Constitution Day Observed at Shemford Pinjore

A special assembly was observed at Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore, to mark the Constitution Day. The assembly began with a thought proving quote to create interest and awareness among young Shemstars to abide by the constitution of the nation. Poems were recited and speeches were delivered to emphasize the relevance and significance of the day. A skit was also enacted by the students depicting secularism as one of the important aspects of our democracy. The Preamble was read out to the assembly by the school cabinet and the Fundamental Rights and duties were read out by the School Head Boy.

Dr. Mrs. Bimla Arora, Director, Shemford Pinjore was overwhelmed with the participation and efforts of the team. She said that the school cabinet is formed every year with a motive to let the students get acquainted and accustomed to the norms of the constitution at the school level itself. She also emphasized that in order to enjoy the fundamental rights, one must strive to perform ones fundamental duties as well. ‘After all before you ask the country to do something for you, ask yourself what you have done for the nation’.

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