The Shemstars celebrated Doctor’s day to honour one of the noblest professions. The
service rendered by the doctors to mankind can never be remunerated. The Shemstars
expressed their gratitude to the doctors and paramedical staff with amazing facts and
speeches. Children from the Primary Wing presented bouquets as a token of love and

On this special occasion, Principal, Ms. Amita Dhaka announced a unique initiative of
Shemford, Pinjore, of providing healthy, sumptuous and nutritious brunch to the
Shemstars during break. The menu has been well planned and designed by Dr. Mrs.
Bimla Arora herself, which is easy and convenient to eat. This venture has been
welcomed by students and their parents. They congratulated the school for this initiative.

To teach the Shemstars the importance of healthy food, a unique game ‘Slides and
Ladders’ has been developed in the school premises under the able guidance of Dr. Mrs.
Bimla Arora, PhD, Nutrition. In this game, the Shemstars climb the ladder if they eat
healthy food and slide down with the intake of junk food.

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