Shemstars Pay Reverance

Shemstars Pay Reverance

A special assembly was conducted at Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore today to observe Kargil Vijay Diwas, World Nature Conservation Day and Parents’ Day.  As a tribute to the martyrs of the War, a movie was also shown to the young Shemstars to make them aware of the facts of the Kargil war. They were all enthused with patriotism and pledged to lead the role of a responsible citizen of the nation. The Shemstars also presented beautifully choreographed dance performances on Parents’ day and World Nature Conservation Day. Speeches were delivered and beautiful poems were recited on the themes. The school hall resounded with applause for the efforts made by the students.

 This was followed by oath taking ceremony. All teachers and students assembled in the school hall, pledged together, to free mother India and mother Earth from all vices. Dr Mrs Bimla Arora, Director, Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore, in her address to the gathering said that it is our foremost duty to love and respect our parents, Mother India and  Mother Earth. She encouraged the children to plan surprises for their parents to make their day a special one. She also emphasized that if each one of us is performing one’s duties honestly, we are serving our country.

The Shemstars also participated in various class activities to mark the day. They made cards, wrote letters and articles showing their love and gratitude to their parents. The students of the senior wing actively participated in extempore and debate on the same theme. The excitement shown by the Shemstars was a ray of hope that we, at Shemford, are successfully grooming responsible citizens for the nation and the globe.

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