At Shemford Pinjore, co-curricular activities are closely knit with the scholastic curriculum. The importance of sports has been strongly emphasized upon ever since, and, to develop and nurture qualities like team work, sportsmanship and leadership, Inter House sports competitions are held every month.  In the month of July the girls participated in basket ball while the boys got an opportunity to exhibit their competence in football. Principal, Ms. Amita Dhaka, strongly believes ‘real equality is equality of opportunities, not equality of outcomes’. Thus, before the final matches, it is ensured that each and every Shemstar participates in the trials, exhibits his mettle and the best ones represent their houses in the finals.

Along these lines, competition for both the games were held in accordance with the varied age group, the primary wing, the middle school and the senior wing. In the Primary Wing the girls of Shemvalour took the lead in Basketball while the boys of Shempride were the winners in the Football match.

The boys of Shemglory and the girls of Shemvalour were the winners in the matches played by the students of the middle school, while amongst the seniors, the winners of the football match were the students of Shempride.

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