Mother’s Day was celebrated by Shemstars online on the 9th, with a special presentation. As Mother’s day falls on the second Sunday of the month, the Shemstars of Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore participated in a variety of activities filled with love and gratitude to make their mothers feel special.

Mothers were made to feel like celebrities as they were interviewed by their children to get their views on different aspects of life. Students also sang songs for their mothers and together with their mothers danced to the beats of their favourite songs. Some young artists sketched portraits of their mothers. Students recited self composed poems and delivered speeches in praise of their mothers. The Role Reversal, mimicking each other was the highlight and most enjoyed activity. Shemstars of the Pre Primary wing prepared yummy pastries, fruit salad, snacks and desserts using the fireless technique of cooking. Shemstars made and presented to their mothers, gifts, from a wide range of options like cards, love boxes, photo frames, wind chimes, jewellery boxes, face masks, bouquets of origami flowers. The mothers also participated enthusiastically. They were overwhelmed with joy on their special day.

The Shemstars were also told about the importance of celebrating their mothers who undoubtedly are the most beautiful gift from God to a child. Dr (Mrs) Bimla Arora, Director, Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore in her address said that the role of a mother is not limited to one ‘M’. Rather she plays the role of a mentor, motivator and magician who is the nucleus of the family, and more so, in these times of the pandemic the responsibility lies manifold on her shoulders.

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