At Shemford Futuristic School Pinjore, hands on learning is the key motive for every age group.
It was observed and deduced that to raise responsible and wise citizens for the nation, it is
imperative to sensitize them about the importance of choosing and voting for the deserving
candidate for the parliament. Keeping this in mind, the school organized and conducted the
Annual School Cabinet Elections, 2019-2020, today.

This year also after the selection of candidates from all the four houses for the posts of School
Minister, School Discipline Minister, School Cultural Minister, School Health and Hygiene
Minister and School Sports Minister a period of four days was given, wherein they convinced
their peers as to why each one of them would be the best choice. Principal, Ms. Amita Dhaka,
made the students aware that each and every vote would help the deserving candidate win or
lose, thus as a responsible Shemstar each student should ensure to cast a vote.

After the four – day campaigning, today polling booths were set up under the guidance of the
Chief Election Commissioner of the school, Ms. Kamlesh Sharma, to ensure fair voting. The
first vote was cast by the Principal, Ms. Amita Dhaka. It was indeed a spectacle to see the young
Shemstars growing into responsible citizens for the nation.

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