The students of Shemford Futuristic School, Pinjore brought laurels to the school with meritorious results in class X and class XII board examination.

Mansi Joshi topped the school by scoring an overall of 96.8% marks followed by Sujal Aggarwal at 95.4%, Riya Manish Shah at 93.8%, Shaunak Gupta at 93.6%, Bhavya Bhalla at 92.8%, Samiya Sharma at 91.8% and Ayushi Garg  at 91%.

Mansi Joshi and Sujal Aggarwal scored 100% marks in S.St while Riya Manish Shah, Sujal Aggarwal, Shaunak Gupta and Bhavya Bhalla scored 100% marks in Foundation of Information Technology.

The Shemstars who scored 90% and above were also applauded for their meritorious results. In English, Ayushi Garg topped the list with 96% marks followed by Sujal Aggarwal at 94%, Bhavya Bhalla at 94%, Shaunak 93%, Mansi 92%, Anshita 91% and Shreyam, Harshit, Azra and Aakriti scored 90% marks.

In Hindi, Shagun took the lead with 97% marks, Ayushi and Mansi 96%, Riya 95%, Sujal and Azra 94%, Nikhil 93%, Aayush, Yuveraj and Rahul 91% and Priyam 90% marks.

The Shemstars made their alma mater proud with their performance in Mathematics. Shaunak Gupta scored as high as 99%, Mansi and Shreyam were at 98%, Riya, Yuvraj, Samiya, Parth, Maninder, Rhythm, Saanvie, Adarsh, Srishti and Saksham scored 95%, Sujal and Sarthak scored 94%, Bhavya 92%, Nikhil 91% while Maanik, Harshit and Anirudh score 90% marks.

The Science list was topped by Mansi with 98% marks while Shaunak, Riya, Adarsh, Sujal and Bhavya Bhalla scored 95% marks.

As many as 31 students scored 90% and above in S.St. Riya Manish Shah, Samiya and Ayushi score 98%, Aayush Thakur 97%, Nikhil and Bhawani 96%, Shaunak, Adarsh, Bhavya, Saksham,Shreyam, Rahul, Shagunand Parth Garg scored 95% Sarthak, Vanshika, Pawan and Parth Sarthi scored 94%Nivedita, Mahir and Anirudh 93%, Gurwinder, Anshita and Aryan 92%,Yuvraj and Tanya 91% and Adweitiya, Priyam and Rishabh scored 90% marks.

The Shemstars have well proved that they are tech savvy with their fabulous marks in Foundation of Information Technology. Mansi, Samiya and Shreyam scored 99, Yuvraj 98, Aayushi 97, Piyush and Ujjwal 96, Aayush Thakur and Nikhil 95, Aadarsh and Maanik at 94, Azra 92, bhawani and Rhythm 91 and Parth Garg scored 90% marks.

In class 12, Nishita Goyal topped the Science Stream scoring 91.8% marks while the Commerce and Humanities Streams were topped by Rishab Bansal, 86.4% and Natasha Singh, 88.2% respectively. Bhavesh Kumar and Janvi were at the second and third positions in the Science stream while Yuveraj Dhara and Aditi Kumari were close at heels with the toppers in the Commerce and Humanities streams As many as 33% students scored more than 90% marks in various subjects .

The Management, Principal and Staff congratulated the Shemstars on their brilliant performance.